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Finally, I’m Back!

Ok, so when I committed to writing this blog I told myself it would be an everyday thing. And now I am not sure how bloggers do it. I guess I will have to carve out a time that is mine and put it on my calendar so that it actually happens. But in the meantime, here are my excuses as to why it has been so long from my first post to this post. First, my computer is dead. Really, I have tried CPR (Computer Processing Resuscitation) and it is hopeless. My IT guy (aka my husband) ran out of ideas after he asked if I tried to reboot it. Of course I did!!! So now I am using another computer that is touch and go and super slow.  I have a hard time waiting patiently for a page to download and magically appear. I fiddle, I do this, I do a little of that. And by the time my page loads, I am on to something else. My next excuse is that I always feel like I have to get something else accomplished before I can really buckle down. So to finish more furniture I felt like I needed to reorganize the garage. I’m sure you can guess how long that was on my to do list.  Thank goodness for a very nice husband who did the bulk of the rearranging for me over the weekend. And finally, you have the rest of life’s little interruptions. I need to get to the store, then I’ll blog. I need to get that laundry done, then I’ll blog. You get the idea. Oh and one more excuse, I am transferring my site to instead of . Who knew there was even a difference? And I have no idea what I am doing. So if anyone reading this has any experience with that please let me know. So without further adieu or excuses, on with the project.

This is a really cute dresser that I picked up at a garage sale. It is painted a very pale lime green. It is kind of hard to tell from the picture but take my word for it. It was not a very attractive lime green.  But the bones were in good shape. The only major repair I had to do was replace the bottom with a new piece of wood. I decided to paint it and distress it. And the whole thing kind of took on a life of its own.

I cleaned the dust and cobwebs off and washed the dresser down with some TSP. That also ended up removing any of the shine there as well. I will get better at taking pictures of each step in my process, but I must admit I was just so excited to get going on this dresser that I forgot to take some photos. I also removed the old hardware and filled in one of the holes with wood filler to fit the new drawer pulls. I knew that some glass knobs would really make this dresser a charmer.

 Once all the prep work was done. I used my handy paint sprayer ( I love that thing!) I painted a few coats of Valspar Honeymilk in semi gloss. I can’t take credit for the discovery of this as the perfect creamy white. Thanks to my fellow blogger at

I heavily distressed this dresser. With my Mouse Sander and some 220 grit sandpaper. Ok,  maybe a little 80 grit as well to really rough it up. Some of that pale lime green showed through the finish as well as the wood underneath. I loved the look of the green coming through but the wood was a little light in some places. A quick experiment with some Kona stain mixed with glaze didn’t make the cut. I tried it on a drawer before I did the whole thing so just in case it didn’t look right. But I till wanted to darken up and age some of that wood popping through the distressed areas. I found a Minwax stain pen that I have for my black dining room table. The color is ebony and it worked perfectly. I put a little stain on with the marker, let it sit for a moment, then wiped it off. I did this a few times to get it just right.

I final coat of Poly in semi gloss and then I rubbed the whole thing with 0000 Steel Wool. I love that stuff!!! It makes your finish so smooth! Glass knobs from Lowes and Tada!!!! The finished dresser turned out great!





Table UpCycle

I have never been known as an early riser. But I had… wait for it….an idea! I had been inspired by a blogger I had seen on the Nate Burkus show, She refinished furniture and makes it look fabulous. I can do that too I thought. So I made my first garage sale run a few weeks ago. Now I know that true garage sale divas have a plan, cash on hand and a 6 am alarm clocks. Not this lady. But I did know to go to the good neighborhoods to find the best stuff. So en route to Costco I detoured to a neighborhood garage sale. (I don’t think I ever ended up getting to Costco that day!)  My first stop I found a pedestal table and chairs set and a dresser that were screaming to be loved again. But I didn’t have any cash on me! So a frantic check of my gas finder app also led me to the nearest atm. Back with cash on hand I bought the table. I have not yet mastered the art of negotiating price so I probably paid too much. But I didn’t care. I was just more excited that it all fit in my van! I drove home with the wheels in my mind spinning about I would refinish these finds and sell them. The table was my first DIY project. Here’s a look at the before. My original plan was to paint this set white and distress it with black showing through. After I got a few coats of the black paint though I liked it so much I decided to just leave well enough alone. Here the steps I used to get this table into tip top shape.

  First I washed down the table with some TSP. It actually took away a lot of the sheen and it prevented me from having to sand the table. But there was some kind of sticky substance on the table, not sure if it was the finish melting off after so many years or what. So I used some Liquid sandpaper as well. I used my hand dandy paint sprayer and used Silhouette Black by Martha Stewart for Home Depot. It turned out to be a really cool shade with a bit of grey in it. I used a semi-gloss. In between coats I wet sanded it to make it as smooth as possible. Then I sprayed it with a water based poly in satin. It turned out really well. I was a little worried that it would turn out too shiny. I really liked the semi-gloss but I will probably experiment with flat finishes in the future. So it is folks….  Sold it in just a few days on Craigslist.